Does your lawn need a little clean up?

Ask about our premium clean up and leaf removal services in Norfolk, VA

Whether your lawn is covered with leaves, or you simply need a spring or fall clean-up job, we can help. During our leaf clean-up service, we will rake or blow the leaves onto a large tarp and remove them from your property or bag them and prepare them for disposal with a commercial vacuum. We make an effort to remove the leaves from those hard-to-reach places and to remove the decomposing leaves that are unsightly and unhealthy for your lawn.


Before we leave the job, we will clean up all the pine needles, sticks, twigs, pine cones and any other debris covering your driveway, patio or deck. This also includes our fall clean up and spring clean up services.

Shrub Removal

Our shrub removal services include:

  • Small trees and shrubs
  • Border work
  • Chainsaw service